Set in Stories shares travel and lifestyle tips so you can explore this weird and wonderful world in as many inspiring ways as possible.

Here you can find travel pieces on Europe, Asia and someday beyond, helpful articles to keep you motivated or make life easier, playlists, recipes and other interesting stories I discover along my way.


Hi, I’m Rachael Lum, a 26 year old who takes her imagination seriously. I enjoy getting emotionally involved in a good book, song or show, listening to someone share an experience and creating an alternate universe in my mind.

I’ve always been able to express myself better in words and knew that one way or another, I would end up writing. After graduating with an English Literature degree from the University of East Anglia, I worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency.

In 2016, I took a three-month break to travel solo across Europe. As terrifying as it was at first, I’m glad I had the courage to take the first step. The moment it came to an end, my feet had grown restless. There is still so much to learn about the world, the stories that shape it and the people that bring it to life!

The journey also reminded me that there is much of my own country, Malaysia, that I haven’t seen. As eager as I still am to travel to various countries, why not explore the beautiful places and hidden gems around home?

As if the universe has conspired to make it happen, I am currently the writer at LokaLocal, a travel tech start-up where I can combine my passion for words and wanderlust while promoting unique local travel experiences.

Got a question, freelance job or potential collaboration? Get in touch via rachael@setinstories.com.

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